Learn how to Lead with YOUR Strength of Character

​Much of today’s focus on leadership development is on the competencies we need to have to lead. While these are incredibly important, they are only part of the puzzle. Character development is another piece that is so often overlooked.​

  • Consider a leader without integrity.
  • Imagine a leader who struggles to display humility, patience or self-control.  
  • Now picture a leader who exercises patience.
  • Or consider a leader who has a sense of hope and optimism and makes courageous decisions despite opposition.  

​Your Character Matters!

Sign up and then listen in over the upcoming days to these 6 interviews 6 women who talk about their own character development, character development in others and the challenges we face as women leaders.

The Interviews:

Ann Rosenfield Editor at Charitably Speaking 

Lianne Picot Leadership Coach at Leadership Leaps

Pamela McGladdery Executive Director at Universal Rehabilitation Service Agency 

Paula MacLean Human Resource Consultant at Learning for Leaders

Janice Cunning Certified Coach, Leader, Facilitator at Fundraising Leadership 


​​Kimberley Milani Ivey Business School

The Interviewer:

Kathy Archer - Leadership Development Coach

Hey my dear,

As a leader often felt exhausted, scared, frustrated and was not sure I was measuring up. My confidence wavered. I was stuck in survival mode, constantly about to unravel and barely hanging on.  

I simply wanted to feel competent, confident and content as a leader and in my life!  

Over time, I discovered how to not only restore my confidence but how to bounce back quickly each time I got knocked off balance. Let's face it, as a leader you regularly get hit with things that make you question your abilities. But when you can get back in the game quicker, you move from surviving to thriving in both your leadership & your life.  

I am Leadership Development Coach, Kathy Archer and author of the best selling book Mastering Confidence: Discover your leadership potential by awakening your inner guidance system.  

As you navigate your way through leadership there are many things you need to keep your finger on; skills, relationship management, having the courage and confidence to take everything on, work-life balance and yes, developing your character.  

I hope you will start understanding more about who you are and how you lead as you watch these interviews. If you have any questions as you tune in, you will always be able to message me :-)